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About Dr. Donath

Dr.-Jonathan-DonathDr. Jonathan Donath is regarded as one of the most respected chiropractors in the tri-state region.
His reach spans much further than this region, however. Dr. Donath routinely attracts patients from around the world. Some of the most respected physicians in Westchester County and New York regularly refer patients to Dr. Donath. Many of those same doctors are treated by him. Dr. Donath prides himself on practicing evidence-based medicine with a variety of proven techniques.
Each treatment program is individually designed and prescribed for patients.
Dr. Donath, who has been in private practice for more than seven years, provides each patient with the best quality, compassionate, and comprehensive care possible. His diversified healthcare plans are individually tailored to each specific need. He always strives to make patients feel and function as well as possible, by trying to provide relief from their symptoms quickly. Dr. Donath aims not to just treat symptoms, but to look for the underlying cause of the problem and correct it.
Doctor Donath’s diverse group of patients range from children, to professional athletes, to senior citizens. He treats every one of them with gentle, confident and caring hands. Read The Full BIO..

More Testimonials

My adolescent son hurt his back due to a skateboard injury. Gregory's treatment was so successful that this past December, 2009 when I was in extreme pain in my lower back and couldn't stand, sit or lie down, I decided to call joint effort chiro. Over the past three years since I hurt my back during a move with my company, I have had numerous shots and taken tons of pain medication. Nothing helped. I was immediately given an appointment. Read More >>
Marianne C. Mamaroneck, NY
I had a herniated disks (C5/C6) in my neck since 2008. I tried several treatments like physical therapy and Advil, but none of them really helped much. I relied on bed rest, which did help relieve the pain somewhat, but there was a constant nagging pain. And there was always discomfort at night while I lie in bed. The symptoms would worsen when I lifted heavy objects or fell asleep in a bad position. The situation got worse in 2012 after I re-injured my neck. Read More >>
Jay C. Hartsdale, NY
Several years ago I experienced severe pain in my legs and lower back.
I went to see several physicians as well as a few chiropractors. I went for an MRI and was informed that I had several herniated disks in my lower back I think they were L4 & L5. I had, as a result a severe case of sciatica . I was told that I should get an operation or I might have to live with the pain… some choice. I decided on pain management and after several sessions with steroids I was relatively pain free. Unfortunately this did not last long. Read More >>
Marco P. Yonkers, NY