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At Joint Effort Chiropractic, located in White Plains, New York, chiropractors Jonathan Donath, DC, MS and Vinh Tran, DC, CCSP, offer individualized care for patients experiencing musculoskeletal pain throughout their bodies. 

Our providers use the latest techniques in their field to take pressure off compressed nerves and relieve pain as quickly as possible. Their clientele includes over 50 medical doctors who trust our team for top-tier care for themselves and their own patients. 

During your initial evaluation at Joint Effort Chiropractic, our providers search for root causes underlying your physical symptoms, like pain or numbness. Using these findings, they personalize your care plan to help you attain your treatment goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Bulging discs, herniated discs, and degenerative disc disease are common reasons for seeking chiropractic care. For these conditions, our providers often use non-surgical spinal decompression therapy. This technique gently and methodically separates the vertebrae and creates a vacuum effect which helps draw bulging and herniated discs back in and off nerves.  

Back pain, neck pain, headaches, hip pain, shoulder pain, and knee pain are just a few of the common symptoms that can really benefit from chiropractic care. These symptoms can stem from muscle overuse or nerve compression due to structural imbalances within the musculoskeletal system. 

Our providers at Joint Effort Chiropractic address these complications with chiropractic adjustments, Active Release Techniques® (ART®), laser therapy, matrix therapy, electrical stimulation, and Graston Technique® and non-surgical spinal decompression therapy.

For quality chiropractic care that alleviates pain and gets you back to your best you, call Joint Effort Chiropractic or book an appointment online today.

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Why choose Joint Effort Chiropractic to treat your pain?
See why over 25 medical doctors choose Joint Effort Chiropractic  

Since my back operation six years ago, I had a great deal of contact with doctors and medical institutions. I won't say that all my experiences were totally negative, but I know one thing; meeting Dr. Donath and his staff was really an experience of a different kind. Dr. Donath truly listens to the patient, answers questions, and is not afraid to say "this I don't know right now." I had the feeling that on the part of this doctor there is a real interest in exploring all the possibilities of helping you, rather than pushing you through the necessary conventional tests and procedures and send you on your merry way. You leave this place with a sense of hope and a feeling that there are still doctors who honestly care. Thank you Dr. Donath!

Renee W. Great Neck, NY

Dear Dr. Donath, I wanted to let you know how pleased I am that I came to your practice back in November of 2007. As you know, I had been suffering for a number of months from what I thought was a reoccurrence of some nerve pain that was from surgery I had back in 1975. The pain in my legs was waking me up at night, keeping me awake and my legs were very weak to the point that walking was slow and painful. At the suggestion of my spouse, I came to you to seek out an alternative treatment that might be able to give me relief. After meeting with you and discussing the alternatives, I decided to move forward with the spinal decompression. Because of the pain I was in I put my faith in you that this could make a significant difference in not only how I felt, but with my overall body motion. After I had the MRI, you were able to focus on the source of the pain, which was actually a new ruptured disc…not from my older injury. Even though it took a bit longer to get to the point that I knew I was getting some relief, I am glad I stuck it out! Today, I am 99% better, with almost all of the pain from my legs gone. I have a much better range of motion, am stronger and resumed skiing and playing golf. I can say that without this treatment I would have not been where I am today. I would certainly recommend this treatment and your services to anyone with similar problems. Thank you for everything. Sincerely,

Steven E. White Plains, NY

In January of 2007 I sustained an injury to my back while working out in the gym. I had to take pain killers for several weeks in order to function. Even after the injury "healed" I still had minor, nagging pain in my lower back which felt like muscle cramps. I continued working out both in the gym and in martial arts but by back would "go out" every few weeks and I'd have to stop training until the pain went away. The nagging pain never went away and I functioned with it for about a year. I went to see Dr. Donath after "throwing my back out" for the fifth time in a year. After the first spinal decompression treatment I was about 60% free of pain and I was completely free of pain after the third treatment. I am in no pain now and his protocol of decompression, ART and chiropractic has me free of the nagging low level pain as well. I am extremely pleased with the results, impressed with his deep knowledge of healing and grateful for having found him.

Neil W. Bronx, NY
I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for your dedication, compassion, and level of service your practice has provided me. One year ago I came to you on the recommendation of another one of your patients suffering from chronic migraines and jaw pain. The migraines and jaw pain affected my work, sleep, eating and other routine activities. I can say I no longer have chronic migraines and my jaw pain has subsided to the point that it is manageable. I wish I can say I feel no jaw pain but that would be a lie. I have been meaning to pay a visit so I could say thanks for helping me. I've been to many doctors within the past 4 years with little comfort or understanding from most. In the past 4 years, I have seen headache and TMJ specialists, pain management doctors (which only masked my symptoms temporarily and left me dependent on medication to get through my day). You made me feel like I was finally getting some answers to the pain I was experiencing and it made a very big difference. This past year I have taken better care of myself based on the information you provide me during my appointments and in your newsletters. Since May I have made significant changes in my life to help reduce my stress and improve my health. I have been carrying over the techniques you showed me for stretching. I read all the newsletters your office sends out. I now exercise 6 days a week 30 minutes a day. This has been an amazing year for me!!

Christine D. Bronx, NY
I came to Dr. Donath after unsuccessfully trying to deal with low back pain following a snowboarding accident in February. It hurt to sleep, to work, to walk around and I was in pain around the clock. I had tried rest, ice, physical therapy and pain killers, but nothing seemed to work. After asking around, a good friend referred me to Dr. Donath and I decided to give him a try. When I got to the office, everyone was kind and friendly and Dr. Donath thoroughly explained the mechanism of my injury and how we would proceed to fix it. Four sessions later, I’m back on the soccer field and moving freely and pain free. Dr. Donath helped me tremendously over these last few weeks and I have already recommended him to all of my friends.

Eji N. Harrison, NY
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