Chiropractors Help To Promote Whole Body Health

whole_body_health.jpgIf you ask people on the street about when they should go see a chiropractor, 9 out of 10 would probably answer “if I’ve been in an accident and have back pain.” Addressing back pain is been the traditional niche for chiropractors, but the approach to health embraced by chiropractors is valuable in so many other situations.

Chiropractors Treat More Than Just Back Pain!

The human body is not an island. Whether you have a chronic back pain, a broken leg, or a hangnail, you know that pain can ruin your day. You might not call 911 for a minor problem, but you feel more at peace, less stressed, and more optimistic without pain. Ironically, much pain in the body results from escalating conditions that you may not even have been aware of and did not treat. While a trauma might cause a broken leg, other problems develop over time before manifesting themselves. A chiropractor can offer preventative care as well as treat specific pain, so that your whole body is in better alignment and better health.

Why Go To A Chiropractor?

While a chiropractic doctor is not a primary care physician, there are many situations where going straight to him will solve your problems. Modern doctors of chiropractic are more than willing to refer a patient with problems out of their realm to an M.D., but their own abilities are far-reaching.

Back pain. Chiropractic uses spinal manipulation, often accompanied by massage, to get to the root of much back pain. They have been trained to deal with chronic back pain and produce results that produce higher patient satisfaction than in other approaches. Rather than using drugs, they use spinal manipulation which often eliminates the cause of back pain. You are wise to choose a chiropractor in their most popular area of expertise.

Accident relief. After an accident, assuming that a visit to the ER assures you have no broken bones or internal bleeding, a chiropractor can address whiplash, sprains and strains, and pulled muscles. Many of these injuries can be alleviated with adjustments or with the usual RICE treatment of rest, ice, compression, and elevation. The chiropractic knows when to supplement RICE with joint manipulation to speed healing time and to maintain range of motion and strength.

Headaches. While medical doctors might be a better choice for dealing with cluster headaches, Chiropractors are a great resource for Migraines and chronic tension headaches. These headaches are often due to stress, neck joints being restricted, as well as vasculature getting caught in adhesions in the muscles at the base of the skull. So the no-drug chiropractic approach may relieve the source of headaches.

Mobility issues. If you can’t bend down, easily stand up, walk upright, or turn your head when putting your car in reverse, you may have a mechanical problem a chiropractor is trained to treat. Aside from spinal adjustments, chiropractors rely on massage, electro stimulation, and other techniques that can get you up and moving.

Repetitive stress injuries. Whether you use the computer all day or lift boxes, you are at risk ofrepetitive stress injuries (RSI) if you do not position your body correctly. A chiropractor can help relieve your pain and learn the correct way to move and position yourself in the future.

Pregnancy aches and pains. Your chiropractic is not a gynecologist or obstetrician, but he is equipped to treat the joint and spine stress that results from extra weight and poor posture that accompany pregnancy. Many pregnant women may feel pressure on their sciatic nerve, which a chiropractor can relieve too. Treatments from a good chiropractic trained to deal with pregnancy can help relieve back pain, reduce the need for C-section, and even control the amount of time in labor.

Chiropractic goes beyond what is mentioned here to promote the health of your whole body. Whenever you have a problem involving muscles, bones, or joints, a chiropractor should be your first stop, but you’ll be surprised at how many health problems chiropractors can fix.

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