Custom Shoe Orthotics

Custom shoe orthotics can provide relief for a range of podiatric disorders. When fitted correctly, orthotics optimizes the functionality of your feet, as well as lends support and stability as you go about your day.“I bought orthotics off the shelf in my local athletic store. How is custom orthotics different?”

These orthotic insoles can be helpful, but they are generic in size, fit, and contour. Custom orthotics is crafted precisely for your feet, and to meet your individual needs.

“I was measured on a machine at the shoe store that showed which orthotics was best for my feet…”Yes, but on a computerized machine, the figures likely displayed a map of your foot size and weight distribution. It comes close, but not good enough. The orthotics it recommends is determined by an estimate of your size and presumed walking pattern.

If you suffer from back pain, hip/knee pain, leg fatigue, heel pain, arch pain, bunions, plantar fasciitis, or Achilles tendinitis, custom-made orthotics may be the answer!