Custom Shoe Orthotics

Custom Shoe OrthoticsThere are many different styles of foot orthotics.  Some are designed to give rigid control, while others are softer and more flexible.  Custom orthotics help your feet function in their optimal neutral position and add to the biomechanical stability and adaptation required during daily activities.“But I bought orthotics off the shelf in my local athletic store…how are custom made foot orthotics different?” Store bought orthotic insoles may often be helpful.  However, they are generic in size, fit, and contour.  Custom made orthotics are made specifically for your feet and are designed to meet individual needs.

“But I was measured on a machine at the shoe store that showed the salesperson which orthotics were best for my feet…”  True.  If you were measured on a computerized machine, the read-out most likely demonstrated a map of your foot size and weight distribution.  However, the orthotics recommended are still generic in nature and based on the closest estimate to your size and perceived walking pattern.

If you suffer from back pain, hip/knee pain, leg fatigue, heel pain, arch pain, bunions, plantar fasciitis, or achilles tendinitis, custom-made orthotics may be right for you! 
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