The Graston Technique®: Effective Therapy For Soft-Tissue Injuries

For patients who have been diagnosed with repetitive strain injuries (RSI), we offer the latest and most effective treatment options available. These include therapeutic massage, the Active Release Technique (ART), and the magic bullet: the crème de la crème Graston Technique®.
The Graston Technique is an innovative, evidence-based type of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (STM) that works to disintegrate adhesion and fascial restrictions. This groundbreaking technique employs precision-crafted, stainless steel instruments that specifically target and treat conditions such as soft tissue fibrosis and chronic inflammation. The Graston Technique is a viable method of addressing conditions of the soft-tissue and to relieve chronic pain.
What Causes Soft Tissue Pain?
When muscles, tendons, and ligaments become irritated by overuse or injury, damage can result. When muscle fibers are damaged, they become susceptible to random splaying. The rough areas transform into scar tissue, and myofascial adhesions are created in the muscle fibers. This causes the muscle fibers to “catch” on one another and adhere, which leads to inflammation, pain, and overall dysfunction.
In your mind’s eye, visualize a brand new paintbrush, with flat, even bristles. Now, after repeated use and improper care, the bristles become stiff and tangled—similar to strained, overused muscle fibers
What Is The Graston Technique?
The Graston Technique is a highly effective therapeutic treatment that scans specific areas of the patient’s body for adhesions and excess scar tissue. Technologically advanced stainless steel devices designed to accommodate the various body parts, smooth the displaced muscle fibers, and dissolve adhesions.
The Graston Technique achieves similar results as the Active Release Technique; the difference is that the former implements stainless steel devices, and the latter employs manual adjustments. The Graston Technique is an effective treatment painful myofascial conditions such as tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, and hamstring pulls. It is the preferred treatment method of specially-trained chiropractors, physical therapists, and athletic trainers.
What To Expect During Treatment
During the first visit, your healthcare practitioner will conduct an initial assessment to determine the nature of the injury, and determine the optimal treatment method. With the Graston Technique, the practitioner will “scan” the affected area in search of rough and “gravelly” adhesions. Once detected, a light lubricant is applied to the skin and the stainless steel tool will be used to smooth the scar tissue.
In cases such as sports injuries, your practitioner may perform a range of motion during the scan which makes the treatment even more effective. Oftentime, pain is alleviated immediately!
Patients report feeling only minor discomfort during this procedure. Patients who have sensitive skin may experience slight bruising, which will clear up within days.
What sets the Graston Technique apart is how quickly results become evident. Treatment will begin after the initial exam has been conducted, and takes about fifteen minutes. Many of our patients realize significant improvement after only one treatment! Generally, only a few sessions are required to correct most conditions. Moreover, when used in conjunction with the Active Release Technique, the Graston Technique can provide truly astonishing results.
This is not simply a temporary solution. The Graston Technique actually disintegrates scar tissue, realigning and restoring muscle fibres to their optimal position. When viewing “before and after” muscle fibres under a microscope, the difference in the fiber after the Graston Technique has been implemented, are indeed remarkable. The transformation from a knotty, tangled mess, to a smoothly aligned formation is incredible.
If you suffer from symptoms of trigger finger, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis or other soft-tissue related conditions, consider trying the Graston Technique. This gentle, effective therapeutic treatment may be the solution!

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