Plantar Fasciitis/ Foot, Knee and Ankle Pain

I have experienced moderate to severe knee pain and discomfort for as long as I can remember. I’ve been a lifelong athlete and despite my success and passion as a softball catcher, it only seemed to aggravate the pain I experienced. I was assessed at the age of 10 with having “floating kneecaps” and I went through countless hours of physical therapy. I also have tendonitis in both of my knees and I had to wear these uncomfortable knee braces that did not do much to improve my discomfort or make my life any easier.

After I “retired” from the sport about 6 years ago I thought that the damage I had done to my knees was irreversible and that it was something I was going to have to deal with for the rest of my life. However, I could never get used to the sound of my knees cracking as I walked up and down the stairs and I decided that something needed to be done.

After losing about 25 lbs the condition with my knees improved slightly, but after every workout my knees would swell up and I could barely walk at the end of the day. It was then that my mother suggested trying the option of going to a chiropractor to see if there was anything else that could be done to improve my quality of life. It was at this point in time that I met Dr. Donath.

Within the very first consultation with him and after a series of stretches and adjustments, I felt like he had already honed in on the root of my knee pain. He treats many athletes for injuries and pain they sustain, so I felt like he already knew where I was coming from. He then made the suggestion out of the blue to look at my feet and see if the way I walk and distribute my weight when I walk had any contribution to my knee pain.

After using his cool little machine he found that my feet were in worse shape than my knees! In all my years of treating my knee pain nobody offered this service to me. He suggested the option of specially made Orthotics for my feet in addition to some stretches and exercises to strengthen my back and knees to see if it helped conditions improve.

Within a matter of months I can’t even believe the difference I feel in my knees. The Orthotics have completely improved the way I walk and the way my knees feel after working out. I’m no longer afraid to run on the treadmill and I can actually walk up and down the stairs without hearing that awful cracking noise I grew used to hearing. I have also strengthened my back and neck with the exercises he gave me and I have lost even more weight because of this improvement in my quality of life and this ease of discomfort.

I strongly recommend ANYONE and EVERYONE with knee pain and discomfort to go see Dr. Donath! Within 2-3 months he completely erased my 24 years of knee pain and discomfort and for that I will be forever grateful!!


Gina P. Pleasantville, NY

I was referred to Dr Donath by my wife who he had treated successfully. I went to him with numbness in my arms and fingertips, chronic shoulder and back pain and a burning pain in my big toes. I had been overweight and, over the previous 3 months, had lost 30lbs but the strenuous workouts had given me some new pings and pangs to deal with. Dr Donath began by treating the numbness and back/shoulder pain by prescribing ice treatments with exercises/stretches at home and adjustments in his office three times a week. After two weeks, the numbness was completely gone and my back/shoulders were feeling significantly better.

Dr Donath then addressed my foot problem by admitting that he was not a foot expert. He said that the sharp burning pain sounded like it may be beyond his expertise and that whatever podiatrist I sought would probably recommend shoe inserts, which he did know about. His honesty that another professional would know more about my problem really impressed me.  The podiatrist said that I had a genetic issue with my bones which was causing the pain and could be managed with exercises that the podiatrist taught me, and orthopedic inserts. I bought the inserts from Dr Donath, as his technology seemed to be more advanced than what was available at the podiatrist’s office, and they were also less expensive

Dr Donath’s professionalism of putting my well-being above his bottom line lead to the right diagnosis of the problem and I am now, for the first time in years, without pain in my toes.

Thank you for looking out for me, Dr Donath.


Cliff B. New Rochelle, NY

I first began to see Dr. Donath concerning unbearable pains which resulted from multiple fractures sustained approximately 36 years before. It was indisputable that many of the structural defects sustained in feet, legs and hips could not actually be reversed orthopedically. However, since orthopedic surgical adjustments had indeed helped my mobility, I hoped perhaps to be assisted through chiropractic with the incapacitation caused by multiple continual pains. I had experienced little success with chiropractic adjustments performed by other professionals. However, in searching the Internet, I returned repeatedly to the site of Joint Effort Chiropractic. Dr. Donath’s approach seemed far more knowledgeable and intelligent than those of chiropractors I had encountered; so I felt it was worthwhile to “give it a shot”. In fact, Dr. Donath miraculously made unbearable pains transform into manageable discomforts. He actually diagnosed, in neurological and lay terms, the causes of major physical stressors; treated them with manual and mechanical procedures; and all along clarified to me what was being done. Amazed, I found myself functional and agony-free beyond my dreams! In short, there is no “defining” Dr. Donath as “a chiropractor”: He is a doctor on the highest order. This professional deserves the highest accolades, not only for successfully combating pain and enabling function, but also for elucidating the patient’s problems and their resolutions so as to be understandable to the patient him/herself. Dr. Donath’s brilliance results in effective and transformational outcomes because he possesses, as well, the exceedingly rare quality of empathy. I am thankful beyond description for the good fortune of finding this true paragon of medical professionalism!


Carol G. Hartsdale, NY

For months, I’d get out of bed in the morning with pain and stiffness in my feet. It hurt to walk and I had to limp to the train station each day. The pain would go away and then mysteriously come back right when it was time to commute home from the office. I could barely flex my ankle! I went to an orthopedist, who told me that I would need major surgery and a 6-month rehabilitation period in order to correct my condition. I decided to check in with Dr Donath and see if he had any advice. After my very first treatment, I felt significant relief. The next morning, most of my pain was gone. After only a few treatments I was pain-free, I had my full range of motion back, and Dr Donath gave me some stretches and exercises that have kept me pain-free two years later. If you’ve got foot pain, call Dr Donath. He can help.


Isaac S. Stamford, CT

In 2007, I was given orthopedic insoles for my shoes, because my podiatrist told me that I had flat feet.  But even with the pain, I could barely finish my 500 meter run in gym class, always out of breath, with a throbbing, aching pain all down my legs and in my feet.  It persisted for two years, until my doctor recommended going to see Dr. Donath.  I have a fear of needles and pain that makes it almost impossible for me to be comfortable in anything related to doctors and medicine.  Dr. Donath instantly made me feel more comfortable and explained everything to me, which made it easier to understand.  I was going in twice a week, and in two weeks I was already feeling a lot better.  The first time I had gym in three months, I didn’t even notice that I was no longer in pain while running around.  The best part is that I actually looked forward to seeing Dr. Donath because I felt completely at ease, and he is one of the nicest doctors I’ve ever met. Thank you so much!


Vicky F. White Plains, NY

I am 60 and have very flat feet and suffer from plantar fasciitis.   I managed it to some degree by wearing Birkenstocks all the time, but it would periodically flare up resulting in extreme pain even when walking slowly.   It became quite unbearable on a trip last year where some hiking was required.   I went to Dr. Donath several months ago and after some treatments and outfitting my shoes with orthodics I gradually improved.    Dr. Donath also gave me some orthodics that are designed for sports – I use them in my biking shoes and fishing sneakers.     Just came back from a one week fishing trip to the Amazon where I had to stand on the bow of a rocking boat for hours a day.  Forgot I ever had trouble with my feet!  Thanks Dr. Donath, couldn’t have done it without you.


Fred S. in White Plains.

I am very grateful to know Dr. Jonathan Donath from the TV advertisement. I suffer from bilateral plantar fascitis for more than 3 years. I have tried different pads and I once went to podiatrist in Manhattan, but nothing relieved my pain. I could feel Dr. Donath’s dedication and sincerity even on the first day of our encounter. My husband and I are both under his care and we are both very happy to know him. My feet are much better and I am walking pain free and the right knee has improved a lot. Thanks a lot Dr. Donath.


Willie T. Bronx, NY

Several months ago, while playing basketball, I landed awkwardly and twisted my ankle, hearing and feeling a pop. For the next week, despite icing, I could not walk on the ankle, and it didn’t seem to be improving quickly enough. I came in to see Dr. Donath, who said he could help my ankle heal better and faster. In addition to correcting my icing procedure, Dr. Donath stretched the muscles so that they can heal properly. He also used laser therapy to stimulate faster healing. Within two treatments my ankle was vastly improved, and within two weeks I was back to playing basketball. Thanks, Dr. Donath!


Shlomo R. White Plains, NY

I am an avid knitter and after years of knitting, I began to have increasingly worse wrist pain. My strength was also affected when trying to lift anything with my left hand. I began to see Dr. Donath and he used ART. After several treatments, I began to notice the strength returning to my arm. He gave me some stretching exercises to do with my hand after knitting and soon I was able to knit with no pain. It has been a few months now and I am pain free.

Since my twenties, I have had chronic knee pain. In 1993, I had arthroscopic knee surgery for a torn cartilage. I’ve had many years of physical therapy but I still always had pain and swelling. In 2004, I took a trip to Israel for one week and every night I had to ice my knees because of all the walking I did. I was going on another trip to Israel in August of 2007 for two weeks and was worried about my knees. Dr. Donath recommended orthotics for my sneakers. He measured me and one week before I left, they arrived. I began wearing them immediately and all I can say is that they are a miracle for me. Right from the beginning, my knees stopped swelling. I was able to go on the trip, walk many miles, and not only was there no swelling, but no pain. I now wear them in all my shoes.


Marcia K.  Scarsdale, NY

After playing soccer with my friends on a fairly consistent basis, I began to experience severe weakness and pain in my right knee. I was told I had tendonitis.  I first attempted to ameliorate the pain through physical therapy. However, even after multiple months, this form of treatment proved unsuccessful and I was still in severe pain. I was recommended to see Dr. Donath by a friend and this advice proved invaluable. Dr. Donath was extremely warm and helpful from the very beginning. After a few sessions I already began feeling improvement in my knee and within a short while I was able to get back on the field with the same strength I hadn’t experienced in almost a year. Additionally, during one of my treatment sessions for my knee pain, I mentioned to Dr. Donath that I had been feeling weakness in my elbow for a significant period of time, and it was affecting my ability to play tennis and other sports of that nature. He evaluated my arm and recognized that my elbow weakness was being caused by tendonitis as well. He immediately began to treat me for that as well. Not so long after that, I was able to play tennis nearly pain free- a feeling I hadn’t experienced for some time. Overall Dr. Donath’s friendly nature and effective treatments made my entire experience productive and enjoyable.


Joseph S. White Plains, NY

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