Pregnancy Testimonials

I would like to thank Dr.Donath for his advice and the treatment I received for back pain. I am currently in my 5th month of pregnancy and am doing pretty well. I had sciatica of my right leg and suffered unbearable pain with numbness restricting my daily activities. I must say although I had pain while I was undergoing the treatment, the relief I received afterward was worth it all. I did not have to taken any pain medications and with 3 treatments, I was doing incredibly well. I have never received any prior chiropractic treatment and hence was quite apprehensive of the same at first but am very glad that I came to the right place and thankfully am now pain free!!!

Thank you Dr.Donath. My husband and I truly appreciate your help!!


Sumith Roy MD   Valley Cottage, NY

As a board certified family physician, I am very open to the idea of “complementary” medical therapies which may be beneficial to my patients, as an adjunct or alternative to traditional medicine. The challenge, I find, is developing relationships with providers in the area that I feel comfortable referring patients to when I am confident they might benefit from this care.  Luckily, my own search for chiropractic care led me to Dr. Jonathan Donath. Not only has he been able to help me with a variety of issues, from migraine headaches to pregnancy related back pain to exercise related ailments, but he has proven to be a valuable resource to me as an urgent care physician.

Doctors usually make the worst patients, and I am no exception.  I usually call on Dr. Donath in some moment of desperation, when some ailment or injury is preventing me from keeping up with my busy life. In “short order” (usually one or two visits, because I rarely have more time than that!) he is able to get me some relief and break the cycle of discomfort, as well as provide me with tips or exercises to remedy the root of the problem.  Some of the patients I refer to Dr. Donath are in need of this kind of specific targeted treatment for a painful condition–I know that based on my own experience, Dr. Donath will be able to give them some relief in one or two treatments which might ameliorate their need for other medications, as well as provide them with exercises and modification of activities to prevent the pain in the future.  The other category of patient he has been able help are those who have a more chronic condition–those who have “tried everything” that conventional medicine can offer them, and still have pain or disability. I am happy to be able to provide those patients an option that they might not have explored yet. Additionally, it is nice to be able to assure these patients that I have personal experience with Dr. Donath and that he has helped me–he is not just another name on a piece of paper.

Dr. Jenifer Johnson, MD  Family Medicine/Urgent Care White Plains, NY

I had a relatively great pregnancy except for a relentless upper back, dull ache that never went away. I thought it had to do with the way I was forced to sleep on my side, and tried pillows, new positions, and yoga to relieve it. Nothing worked. Finally I searched for a chiropractor who treated pregnant women and came across Dr. Donath. I was able to go see him right away. He explained my problem and did a combination of adjusting my back and muscle work. What was really impressive was his knowledge of pregnancy and how it affects the body. He was able to give me some exercises and stretches to do on my own as well. After my first visit I felt major relief. The dull ache was significantly less bothersome. I returned to his office a few days later and after that visit I was pain free. I no longer had any pain throughout the rest of my pregnancy! I was able to do the stretches on my own to help prevent the return of the pain, and I honestly never felt it again.After enduring labor, and beginning breastfeeding, the dull ache returned and I had difficulty even holding my newborn. I immediately went back to Dr. Donath. Once again he relieved me of the pain!Pregnancy is a wonderful thing, but it certainly can be stressful on the body. I feel that Dr. Donath was able to use his expertise of pregnancy related issues to specifically target these stresses. It was wonderful to see someone who really knew what he was talking about, and was able to help me to enjoy my pregnancy and feel wonderful!


Michelle C. Bronxville, NY

About two years ago, I suffered a back injury. This injury caused me to experience excruciating sciatica pain. This was not just localized in my lower back, but radiated down both my legs. My primary care physician sent me off to physical therapy, and when that didn’t work prescribed cortisone shots. I found a pain management specialist and was receiving these very painful, debilitating shots at least once every 2-3 months. In March I became pregnant and knew my back pain would only get worse. I also knew the shots that I had been getting would not be an option during the pregnancy. Thankfully I was referred to Dr. Donath around May at about 2 months pregnant. After my very first session with Dr. Donath, my lower back was completely pain free. Not only did he adjust my lower back, but also worked on my upper back/neck as I have been told I have weak muscles there which cause severe headaches. This is also something that I have previously been in physical therapy for. In addition to the adjustments I received, Dr. Donath took the time to teach me stretches to do at home to help in my healing. I have been seeing Dr. Donath on a weekly basis throughout my pregnancy. He truly has worked wonders for me and I feel that if I had gone without these adjustments, I probably would have ended up on bed rest at some point in the pregnancy.


Christine T. Scarsdale, NY

After a long pregnancy with a lot of back pain, I went through 10 plus hours of severe back labor.While I was ecstatic about the birth of my son, the lingering intense back pain really prevented me from enjoying every moment as much as I would have liked. I was recommended to Dr. Donath and after two sessions, my back pain was 90% better. I continued to see Dr. Donath and within a matter of weeks, my back was not only feeling better from the pregnancy and labor, but it was feeling better than before I was pregnant. I was initially skeptical of being treated by a chiropractor, but Dr. Donath explained everything in great detail and was able to answer all my questions about why the treatment he was performing was the answer to my back problems. I was so grateful for his attention and professionalism and would not only recommend, but encourage, any one that has a problem with their back to call Dr. Donath. I am now on the floor, playing with my 4 month old, pain free, thanks to Dr. Donath.


Erica L. New Rochelle, NY

One morning in 2006 I woke up unable to move. I will never know if it was a spasm or a pinched nerve but I was never the same. I would wake in the night with sharp pains up and down my neck and back and I’d be unable to turn or move. During my first pregnancy the back pain became worse. I had terrible leg cramps, and my labor was over 48 hours of excruciating back labor due to my son being posterior. After he was born, my back was a mess. It was painful to carry him, to nurse him, and often just hunched over to find some relief. I’m a horseback rider and I found myself constantly in pain from even the slightest unexpected jarr or movement of the horse. When I became pregnant again in 2009, I began to see Dr. Donath in my 3rd month. From the first visit on, my back pain was lessened. If run of the mill pregnancy aches got too bothersome, I’d come in for an extra session and I would feel a difference almost instantly. What I really appreciated was his knowledge of optimal baby positioning and how to best achieve it. I had a much easier labor and had no pain after my daughter was born. Carrying her-which I do almost always either in my arms or a sling- was no problem. Even riding has been pain free again! If I get sore or stiff, I just make an appointment. I must also say that Dr. Donath is a warm, friendly, approachable person that makes you feel at ease while you are in his care. I would highly recommend him to anyone.


Jennifer E. North Salem, NY

“Although my first pregnancy was without complication, I had to have a c-section in my 42nd week.  I was told that my pelvis was small and, since my son was large (9lbs, 9oz), I would not be able to deliver vaginally in the future.  I was disappointed at this outcome and when I got pregnant with my second baby 18 months later, I began to do quite a bit of research.  After learning a little bit more about my body and my birth choices, I decided to plan a VBAC.  I found a practice and hospital that supported my decision and began to do as much as I could to prepare myself for this birth.  Because of the information I was given about my pelvis, I started seeing Dr. Donath right away.  The goal was to keep my hips and pelvis as open as possible in order to give the baby the room he needed to birth easily.  By the final weeks of my pregnancy, the baby was engaged snugly in my pelvis and I was in pre-labor – neither of which happened the first time around.  I had a successful and uncomplicated VBAC at 40 weeks and my second son was no small potato at 8lbs, 13oz.  Thanks to Dr. Donath, my body was ready, I felt strong and confident, and my baby had plenty of room for his journey into the world.”


Jennifer S. Larchmont, NY

During my first pregnancy in California, I began experiencing back pain around the sixth month and was referred by my midwife to a chiropractor that specialized in Active Release Technique (ART).  I had never been to a chiropractor and was hesitant to start in the middle of pregnancy.  Encouraged by my midwife and her insistence that pregnant women are often in greater need of chiropractic work because of the strain the pregnancy puts on the back and ligaments, I saw the ART chiropractor and felt immensely better after only my first visit! I continued with treatment throughout my pregnancy and felt great.

During my second pregnancy, back pain crept up on me again although this time the onset of pain was earlier and more intense.  My husband, son and I had moved from California to New York and the unpacking combined with carrying around a 30 pound little one was a recipe for a sore back.  I immediately started seeing a local chiropractor during my fifth month of pregnancy when the pain was still manageable.  The local chiropractor was not trained in ART and my back pain worsened over the following months until I could barely walk.   The pain became unbearable and out of desperation, in my seventh month of pregnancy, I emailed my California ART chiropractor who recommended that I find an ART trained chiropractor in New York as quickly as possible.  This led me to Dr. Donath

I was able to make an appointment with Dr. Donath despite the approach of the Thanksgiving holiday.  Dr. Donath was on-time for the appointment and spent a significant amount of time discussing my back pain and providing information about ART and the way pregnancy affects the body before he began his treatment.  He was well-versed in treating pregnant women and I felt that at last I had found someone who would be able to provide some relief.  In fact, I did feel relief after only the first appointment.  After continued visits, my back pain resolved entirely and I have been able to enjoy the final months of pregnancy pain free.

Besides the relief that Dr. Donath’s treatments provided, I was also impressed by his commitment to easing my pain.  He scheduled appointments appropriately – several visits a week in the beginning that have now become weekly treatments – he also discussed a plan for post-pregnancy to ensure that the back pain remains at bay, and he provided exercises that I could do at home to speed the healing.

I recommend Dr. Donath to all pregnant women suffering from back pain. I believe that his use of ART and his vast knowledge of treating pregnant women put me back on my feet and out of pain.


Emily H. Rye, NY

I decided to seek Dr. Donath’s help when he was recommended to me by other women who had successful VBACs with chiropractic help. Several women told me that chiropractic treatment helped their babies move further down into the pelvis, getting the baby into position for birth. I have now seen Dr. Donath 7 times, and since I haven’t given birth yet I can’t say whether the treatments I’ve received have made for a successful VBAC, but I can say that they have provided me with an unexpected benefit that was not part of my original goal but I am very happy about nonetheless. Ever since I started getting treatment from Dr. Donath, I have felt much less pregnancy-related pain and discomfort in my back (especially the excruciatingly painful tailbone area), hips and legs and I have also felt greater overall mobility and flexibility. It has made my last trimester a much more comfortable – nearly pain-free – experience. Dr. Donath is warm, friendly and approachable and genuinely cares for his patients, and took the time necessary to diagnose and treat my problem correctly. He’s not one of those chiropractors where you are rushed out in a few minutes. I had a very pleasant experience in his care and recommend him highly.


Danielle L. Pearl River, NY

I am 39 weeks pregnant.  After the 28th week, I started having problems with my back which gradually increased until I was experiencing sharp pain in my lower back almost every time I would walk up the stairs.  With five other children at home to care for, I knew I needed to take care of this problem.  I was encouraged to see Dr. Donath by those who had benefited from his expertise.  It took me a while to make an appointment, but I’m really glad I did.  Dr. Donath understood exactly what was the problem (it had to to with my muscles, not my bones) and after only a couple sessions I was able to walk much more comfortably.  I haven’t had the same pain since the treatment I received from him and the exercises that he taught me have been very helpful.


Juliane T. Eastchester, NY

Dr. Donath has been a life saver for me, both before and after my son’s birth.  Before his birth, I saw Dr. Donath from 38 weeks on to prepare my body for a successful VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-Section).  I also had pain in my inner thighs from 3 months pregnant on, which he got rid of in one visit! I wish I had gone to him from the beginning of the pregnancy, and will next time, that’s for sure!  After my son’s birth, I had a fractured tailbone, which led to back pain as well.  He treated both and I started feeling relief within a few weeks time.  By six weeks post-partum I was healed!  Oh, then one day I mentioned a knee surgery I had had twenty years ago as a kid, and how I never had regained full movement afterwards.  In two minutes of stretching out the scar tissue, I had my full range of movement back.  He is truly amazing at what he does!

Melanie M. White Plains, NY

Midway through my pregnancy I developed a very painful case of sciatica. I was lucky to find Dr. Donath — who treats many pregnant women — since it is important to receive chiropractic care from someone who knows how to modify treatment specifically for pregnancy. With several treatments over a relatively short period of time I got a tremendous amount of relief.  I am grateful for the outstanding care I received and would absolutely recommend Dr. Donath to anyone in need of chiropractic care, pregnant or not. I credit him with getting me better and keeping me healthy.  Thank you Dr. Donath!

Sheila E. Greenwich, CT

After 7 months of pregnancy, the extra weight started to take a toll on my frame. I came to see Dr. Donath for relief with my upper, lower back pain and neck pain. Only after a couple visits, I felt relief and was happy to see Dr. Donath every few weeks just to keep my back and posture in check. He really helped me through the toughest part of my pregnancy. I was able to work all the way up to the day of my labor which I believe were due to his treatments. I am so happy to have found him and am still seeing him 9 months postpartum for tune ups. Thanks for making my pregnancy a happy one!


Rosalinda M. White Plains, NY

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