Tennis Elbow/ Carpal Tunnel/ Shoulder Pain

Tennis Elbow

My name is Joseph Vento. I’m 22 years old and I am a current student at Pace Law in White Plains, NY. I started seeing Dr. Donath sometime during the end of October. The reason I sought chiropractic help is to receive treatment for my right shoulder. Being a pitcher for most of my life, I have put massive amounts of wear and tear on my arm. It got to the point during the summer of 2011 where I couldn’t even lift my arm. Everyday I woke up with a numbing pain that used to shoot down to my fingertips. After trying a bunch of homemade remedies (icy hot, ice, heating pad, advil), I finally thought it time to see a chiropractor. The first chiropractor I went to took a very laid-back approach to initiate my healing process. After a full month of going I saw very little improvement. When I came back to school here in White Plains, I thought it necessary to see a different doctor.

My first visit with Dr. Donath made me instantly feel as if recovery was within my reach. He was very good at helping me understand the problem, the cause and, most importantly, the needed solution, which was called Active Release Technique (ART). He explained that there was a good amount of scar tissue that has built up inside my shoulder due to the years spent pitching, and it was severely decreasing my range of motion. He explained that I would only need 6-7 treatments to notice a huge difference. At first, I admittedly doubted him. I didn’t think it was possible that one doctor was planning on seeing me for months to come, while another just wanted to fix me as soon as possible and have me be on my merry way. Sure enough, after 6 treatments, my right arm is no longer in any pain at all. I was sincerely amazed at how quick the ART made my arm feel stronger, lighter, and more flexible. Dr. Donath has cleared me to try pitching again and I am more than excited to do so.

Each time, my visit to Joint Effort Chiropractic was both welcoming and enjoyable. The staff is both professional and courteous at all times. Within 2 visits, everyone there knew my name and was eager to ask how I was feeling. I would gladly recommend Dr. Donath to anyone.


Joseph V. White Plains, NY

I had months of traditional physical therapy followed by injections by an orthopedist. Both did not help my elbow. I was recommended to see Dr. Donath by my tennis pro and I am 100% better and able to play tennis after about 4 weeks of treatments. His professional manner is unmatched and I have him treat all my back and neck aches and pains now. I highly recommend him for any type of injury.


Beth B. Scarsdale, NY

In Feb 2008, I was told I needed to get surgery in both of my hands for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I definitely did not want surgery. I started to Google for a Doctor in Westchester and found Dr. Donath. He started working on my hand right away with the Active Release Treatment, within a few visits the numbness and tingling went away. It is amazing that Dr. Donath was able to relieve the tension with his hands and not with surgery. I was relieved to be able to find a non-surgical solution!


Mika S. Yonkers, NY

I play baseball for my high school team, and for the past two years I have had severe pain in my throwing elbow. Several times the pain became unbearable and I wasn’t able to play. I was recommended to Dr. Donath by my parents, both of whom have also received treatment from Dr. Donath. Dr. Donath explained to me that I had tendonitis in my elbow and through several appointments I would be able to get back to 100% again. Now I feel great and am very excited to get back to playing baseball. Dr. Donath and his staff really helped me recover from tendonitis. I feel better than ever!


David B. New Rochelle, NY

I am a 28-year-old professional pianist.  I started playing piano when I was 4 years old and I play about 10 hours a day. Since I was in junior high school, my shoulder has been hurting when I play. Two years ago, the pain migrated to my neck as well. The pain got so severe that at times, I couldn’t even lift my arms or drive a car.  Therefore, I looked for a good chiropractor online, Dr. Donath.

After the first treatment with Dr. Donath, I went to practice.  I was amazed because my shoulder did not hurt. Even though I had had the pain in my shoulder for the last 13 years, with only the first session my pain was almost completely gone. Dr. Donath has taken care of me for two months, two or three times a week. You cannot imagine how happy I am.  I could not even keep playing the piano.  Even if I wanted to practice, my shoulder was always bothering me. Dr. Donath is an amazing chiropractor.  He is very sincere, nice, and always helping his patients with his best.


Sehee C. Manhattan, NY

My shoulders were in such bad shape that I was having a very difficult time lifting my arms above my head, getting dressed and drying my hair was a challenge. I had one session with Dr. Donath and I couldn’t believe the immediate relief I experienced. I was truly amazed at how much better I felt. My range of motion has significantly increased and I feel confident I’m on the right path.


Kim B. Harrison, NY

I am an avid knitter and after years of knitting, I began to have increasingly worse wrist pain. My strength was also affected when trying to lift anything with my left hand. I began to see Dr. Donath and he used ART. After several treatments, I began to notice the strength returning to my arm. He gave me some stretching exercises to do with my hand after knitting and soon I was able to knit with no pain. It has been a few months now and I am pain free.

Since my twenties, I have had chronic knee pain. In 1993, I had arthroscopic knee surgery for a torn cartilage. I’ve had many years of physical therapy but I still always had pain and swelling. In 2004, I took a trip to Israel for one week and every night I had to ice my knees because of all the walking I did. I was going on another trip to Israel in August of 2007 for two weeks and was worried about my knees. Dr. Donath recommended orthotics for my sneakers. He measured me and one week before I left, they arrived. I began wearing them immediately and all I can say is that they are a miracle for me. Right from the beginning, my knees stopped swelling. I was able to go on the trip, walk many miles, and not only was there no swelling, but no pain. I now wear them in all my shoes.


Marcia K.  Scarsdale, NY

After playing soccer with my friends on a fairly consistent basis, I began to experience severe weakness and pain in my right knee. I was told I had tendonitis.  I first attempted to ameliorate the pain through physical therapy. However, even after multiple months, this form of treatment proved unsuccessful and I was still in severe pain. I was recommended to see Dr. Donath by a friend and this advice proved invaluable. Dr. Donath was extremely warm and helpful from the very beginning. After a few sessions I already began feeling improvement in my knee and within a short while I was able to get back on the field with the same strength I hadn’t experienced in almost a year. Additionally, during one of my treatment sessions for my knee pain, I mentioned to Dr. Donath that I had been feeling weakness in my elbow for a significant period of time, and it was affecting my ability to play tennis and other sports of that nature. He evaluated my arm and recognized that my elbow weakness was being caused by tendonitis as well. He immediately began to treat me for that as well. Not so long after that, I was able to play tennis nearly pain free- a feeling I hadn’t experienced for some time. Overall Dr. Donath’s friendly nature and effective treatments made my entire experience productive and enjoyable.


Joseph S. White Plains, NY

I went to Dr. Donath’s office with a terrible pain in my right shoulder and arm. I had this pain several times in the last 3 years, especially after doing some physical effort such as painting or gardening (nothing too strenuous). I had treated this with pain medication but this time it didn’t work at all. I could barely type in my computer or drive my car; lifting my arm was a major effort for me.

I called to the office and immediately was given an appointment. I did not know what to expect as I had never visited a chiropractor. I explained my issue to Dr. Donath and he immediately gave me the confidence that he was going to fix my problem. Of course first day I was skeptical that this was going to be so easy, but after the second session with him I had an 80% improvement. I could not believe it. He was very gentle and informative. He explained what was wrong with my neck, my posture and my shoulder muscles and the next steps to follow.

I had visited my primary care doctor and an orthopedist with this problem before and they prescribed me the pain medication. However, I had the feeling that I was just treating the symptom but not the cause of the problem, and therefore I couldn’t prevent this to happen to me again. With Dr. Donath we have defined a course of action, he is teaching me some exercises to strengthen my abs and neck muscles.The additional plus is that you feel treated as a person. He and his staff will learn your first name quickly and will be truly concerned about your welfare. I was lucky to find Dr. Donath and decided to try something different for my pain. I will highly recommend him to my family and friends.


Marylena M. Larchmont, NY

My tennis elbow is gone! I had tennis elbow for about a year, and sought a variety of treatments after it failed to go away on its own despite a fall and winter off. Nothing worked until I tired ART with Dr. Donath. His treatment over about 6 weeks allowed me to resume playing tennis after about 5 weeks and to resume playing golf almost immediately. Should the pain recur I know I can count on him for just a few quick visits and be back on the court again.


Amy L. Larchmont, NY

Before seeing Dr. Donah, I had been having terrible wrist pain for well over a year, strange burning sensations in various parts of my legs and eventually I developed a very stiff but not often painful neck. A neurologist scared me half to death when he suggested that I might have Multiple Sclerosis. During this evaluation, they discovered two herniated discs in my neck. I asked the neurologist if this could cause my wrist pain and burning sensations. He said, “No” rather emphatically. When I told Dr. Donah my story he seemed instantly to know that all of my complaints were being caused by the herniated discs in my neck and with great confidence told me that he could help me. He did ART (Active Release Techniques) to get my wrist in better shape. I saw results immediately. I eventually did spinal decompression for my stiff neck and after one visit, I noticed a significant reduction in the stiffness and burning sensations and after only 3 or 4 treatments, I had total relief. Two years later, I have only mild and sporadic pain and an occasional visit keeps me feeling great.


Tanya T. Brooklyn, NY

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