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Luis T. Yonkers, NY

Hi my name is Luis Torres and I suffered from a herniated disc in my back for a few years. I continued to work and exercise without treating the problem until one day my back gave out on me and I couldn’t stand straight anymore. I had a really hard time just walking down the street. I was sent to a neurosurgeon who said I needed a spinal fusion surgery. While I was waiting for my insurance to approve the surgery I came across Dr. Donath’s office online and decided to give it a shot. I met Dr. Donath and we talked for a while about my situation. He examined me and went over my MRI’s in great detail. He told me that he could make me better and I started to go in for therapy. After about two weeks I noticed a difference and as time went on I started to walk normally again. I was also able to stand up straight again. I canceled the surgery and have never looked back. I want to thank Dr. Donath for helping me and I also want to thank his staff for being so nice and helpful. I feel great now and it’s all thanks to them.

Norman C. West Orange, NJ

In October of 2011, the mild lower back pain I had experienced for some time with every change in the weather became severe and debilitating. I could no longer stand up straight without severe pain. I could not sleep because every turn in bed caused enough pain to wake me up. Dr Donath had me undergo an MRI. The diagnosis: two bulging disks and one herniated disk with some spinal stenosis. He immediately set up a treatment plan, prescribing spinal decompression 3 times per week, decreasing to twice a week then to once a week. Over 3 months I felt increasing relief and recovered my ability to sleep without interruption and for the first time in over 25 years, I was pain-free. Dr. Donath gave me a series of exercises to strengthen the muscles supporting my lower back and core to ensure that I was more resistant to injury and remain pain free. It’s difficult to describe how grateful I am for Dr. Donath’s detailed treatment and rehabilitation regimen and for his careful monitoring of every stage of my treatment. He has returned me to an active life. I can lift my grandchildren and play with them without fear of pain. Kudos also to his staff, April and Dr R. who handled some of the “nuts and bolts of my treatment and to Midori, his receptionist who always found a way to fit me into the schedule. What an amazing group. Thank you all!

Barbara E. M. Jamaica W.I.

I give thanks to the Almighty God for answering my prayers. It is he who made my cousin in NY find the article explaining about the Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Treatment and paved the way for me to come from Jamaica to spend the past 3 months in NY to be treated by Dr. Donath and his caring team. Five years ago (February 2007), I experienced a fall from a chair which resulted in terrible lower back pains. I tried to get healing in the following ways: Three sets of x-rays done to identify the injury, visits to the orthopedic surgeon, visits to the pain specialist, sessions on the special bed to align my back, twenty (20) sessions of physiotherapy in 2011, ingesting dozens of prescribed and over the counter pain tablets (various types), use of various pain ointments, & use of heating pads. At best, I got some temporary relief. In October 2011, the condition began to deteriorate. In January 2012, I had to employ the use of a cane while having difficulty to climb stairs, kneel and get up from kneeling. In February to March 2012, the pains became worse as the pain tablets, ointments and heating pads were of little effect. I experienced sleepless nights, excruciating pains that literally made me wail in agony, and extreme difficulty in moving between the bedroom and the bathroom. My whole life was now altered. I was not willing to get the surgery done on my back. My family members prayed to God Almighty to provide deliverance to help me in my distress. It was during this time that my cousin read an article on the spinal decompression treatment and told me about Dr. Donath. The MRI he sent me for showed that I was severely injured with herniated discs in my lumbar region. He and his team of Dr. Kavita, April, and Midori displayed such care, concern, patience and love. From the very beginning I was addressed by my first name and didn’t feel like a number like I had gotten used to feeling at other doctors offices. A warm smile and greeting welcomed me each visit to the clinic. Dr. Donath is a gift from God with a passion to care for others. He treats you as an individual. He knows exactly where to locate stubborn pains and how to deal with them with his powerful pair of hands and amazing machines. His positive attitude strengthens your faith to get well. The pains in my back are now gone and those in my right leg have minimized to a scale of 2 out of 10 and getting better. I have again started to sleep and dream. I can again kneel to pray and my singing, smiles and laughter are back. I am happy. May God continue to bless Dr. Donath and his lovely team of caregivers. I love you all.

Philippe I. Scarsdale, NY

For about a year with back pain, I had tried everything my general doctor and back doctor would recommend, stretching and strengthening exercises, steroids pills, injections, support belt, etc., but nothing worked. The pain was still there. I had stopped exercising, started gaining weight and I was almost losing hope. I then decided to try Dr. Donath’s spinal decompression, even though I was suspicious of procedures generalists ignored. Dr. Donath was an amazing motivating force behind the stretching, strengthening exercises and support belt which he redirected, but added the all important spinal decompression. I very quickly saw results, and for the first time knew I was on the right path. Dr. Donath’s care for my problems, level of attention and patience following through on my progress was amazing. Within 3 short months, my pain had totally disappeared. I highly recommend him.

Chris T. Tappan, NY

I am a 36 year old male who has had on and off back problems for at least 15 years. Until recently the pain was manageable. Then towards the end of 2007 I had severe pain in my back.The pain was so intense that I had to be rushed to the hospital. I was told I had a herniated disk in my back that caused the pain. My back did get better but in three months the pain was back and even the treatments I did that used to get my back better did not work. I was told I needed an operation. I heard about spinal decompression and looked it up. I found Dr. Donath’s number and scheduled and appointment. During my visit, Dr. Donath explained my condition in great detail and instructed me on how his treatment would get me healthy. I noticed improvement after each treatment and about 2/3 into treatment I was virtually pain free. Now that I am done with the treatments I am back to normal. I would strongly suggest to anyone that has neck or back pain to look into seeing Dr. Donath. Especially those people who are told to have an operation. Dr. Donath’s decompression treatment along with exercise schedule made me better and I believe he can do the same for you as well.

Karen C. Rye, NY

I have suffered from pain in my lumbar area for many years. The pain had increased to an unbearable level. After an MRI, I discovered I had degenerative and herniated discs. I proceeded to have very painful spinal injections, which only temporarily relieved the symptoms. I had been reading about the spinal decompression technique and decided to give it a try. Since April of this year I have been receiving the spinal decompression treatments from Dr. Donath. For the first time in over 30 years I do not suffer everyday of my life with back pain. The treatments are painless and relaxing. I recommend Spinal Decompression with Dr. Donath to anyone who has suffered from chronic back pain.

Shlomo R. White Plains, NY

Several months ago, while playing basketball, I landed awkwardly and twisted my ankle, hearing and feeling a pop. For the next week, despite icing, I could not walk on the ankle, and it didn’t seem to be improving quickly enough. I came in to see Dr. Donath, who said he could help my ankle heal better and faster. In addition to correcting my icing procedure, Dr. Donath stretched the muscles so that they can heal properly. He also used laser therapy to stimulate faster healing. Within two treatments my ankle was vastly improved, and within two weeks I was back to playing basketball. Thanks, Dr. Donath!

Beverly S. Mount Vernon, NY

Dr. Donath accommodated me for an emergency visit. I suffer from TMJ (jaw dislocation) and I was in pain. Dr. Donath was calming, simultaneously personal and professional, experienced and knowledgeable. After examining me, he explained, in a way I could easily understand, the mechanics of the jaw and what had happened. With an experienced and gentle touch, Dr. Donath realigned the joint. When I awoke the next morning, my husband asked how my jaw felt. “Jaw?” I looked puzzled. Thanks to Dr. Donath, I felt as if the misalignment had never happened. I was as good as new

Carlysle M. Ossining, NY

For many years I have had lower back pain. Five years ago an MRI revealed spinal stenosis, a bulging disc and degenerative disc disease. I have done chiropractic, physiotherapy and acupuncture, all of which helped in varying degrees but the pain persisted to the point where I couldn’t stand for any length of time without feeling intense pain. I was referred to a neurosurgeon but after the consultation decided that neither surgery nor epidural injections would be an option. Research on the internet led me to Dr. Jonathan Donath and non-surgical spinal decompression. I met with Dr. Donath for what was an informative and extensive evaluation and decided on the therapy. After a few weeks of treatment, I have been pain free. What stands out in my mind is the warmth of the reception from Dr. Donath and his entire staff; their care and concern was exceptional. The treatment was pain free and relaxing. My experience was a good one and I now recommend Dr. Donath unreservedly to anyone I know with chronic back pain.

Janet B. RN B

I have 4 herniated discs in my cervical spine and for the past 5-6 yrs have been experiencing various manifestations of this……..from severe arm pain to numbness and tingling and decreased motor coordination. For at least one year I saw an ad for spinal decompression by a chiropractor in White Plains and one day I decided to call and make an appointment for information and an evaluation. After 2 treatments with Dr. Donath I felt significant relief in my neck and shoulders; I could actually turn my head without thinking about it! After my prescribed treatment course I am feeling better than I ever thought possible. I am so thankful for this technology and the new me after this treatment.

George T. Mount Vernon, NY

Towards the end of August 2010, I was involved in a freak accident. I fell out of a golf cart and was left with a large bruise on my leg and various cuts and scratches. As it turned out, these injuries were the least of my problems. In the coming weeks, I woke up each morning with severe pain running down the outside of my left leg. The pain was constant and ultimately made its way down to my calf and then my ankle. I was willing to try anything to make it stop. After a friend recommended that I try acupuncture, I read some online reviews and then headed to Manhattan to give it a try. I found that acupuncture gave only fleeting relief, and it did not even temporarily address the piercing sensation I felt each morning. After trying several other options (including cupping, pain medications and even infomercial items), I googled all sorts of remedies. Finally, I typed in “Non Surgical Back Care for Sciatica, Westchester,” and this led me to Dr. Donath. Little did I know that Google was about to help me put my life back together. I first visited Dr. Donath at the end of September. He ordered an MRI, which revealed that I had 2 herniated discs and 1 bulging disc. Dr. Donath told me that I was a good candidate for his spinal decompression machine. He encouraged me by saying that he expected that this treatment, coupled with an exercise routine that he put together for me, would have me completely healthy and back exercising and playing sports within a few months. I began the treatment that day and it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. My sciatica began to disappear within a week and, finally, I was able to get in and out of my car without a burning pain. Just prior to Thanksgiving, I was back at the gym (doing exercises recommended by Dr. Donath) and by Christmas, I was pain free. My biggest accomplishment occurred on February 1, 2011. As a member of the Multiple Myeloma Team, I ran up the stairs to the top of the Empire State Building. In sum, four months after meeting Dr. Donath, I ran up 86 flights of stairs. The following month, I attended a 3 day golf clinic that involved taking roughly 1000 swings and still, I am pain-free. Not only did Dr. Donath fix me in a relatively short time frame, he is a great guy and has a wonderful staff. I am indebted to him and highly recommend him and his caring staff. They saved my back and my sanity.

Melissa D. Somers, NY

I am a 48 year old woman who injured my neck and back in February. I sustained 2 cervical disc herniations as well as an injury to the upper thoracic area of my spine. After much blood work, x-rays, an MRI and endless sleepless nights, the many doctors I sought out for relief recommended physical therapy pain medication and cervical traction. While these treatments provided some relief, the pain, stiffness and chronic soreness never completely went away. In addition, I experienced two setbacks where I threw my back out at work and found myself back at ground zero in terms of healing and pain management. I became desperate that I would have to live out the rest of my life in chronic pain and dependent on pain medication! After 16 months of frustration and being told that the next steps were shots and surgery, I decided to try spinal decompression with Dr. Donath and the rest is history! After several treatments I became pain free and was able to wean myself off of the muscle relaxants and pain medications for the first time in over a year and a half! I feel as if I have my life back and will be eternally grateful to Dr. Donath, his staff and this new technology for what has been, in my opinion, a miracle!! I recommend this painless, relaxing treatment to anyone who suffers with neck or back pain!!

Joseph V. White Plains, NY

My name is Joseph Vento. I’m 22 years old and I am a current student at Pace Law in White Plains, NY. I started seeing Dr. Donath sometime during the end of October. The reason I sought chiropractic help is to receive treatment for my right shoulder. Being a pitcher for most of my life, I have put massive amounts of wear and tear on my arm. It got to the point during the summer of 2011 where I couldn’t even lift my arm. Everyday I woke up with a numbing pain that used to shoot down to my fingertips. After trying a bunch of homemade remedies (icy hot, ice, heating pad, advil), I finally thought it time to see a chiropractor. The first chiropractor I went to took a very laid-back approach to initiate my healing process. After a full month of going I saw very little improvement. When I came back to school here in White Plains, I thought it necessary to see a different doctor. My first visit with Dr. Donath made me instantly feel as if recovery was within my reach. He was very good at helping me understand the problem, the cause and, most importantly, the needed solution, which was called Active Release Technique (ART). He explained that there was a good amount of scar tissue that has built up inside my shoulder due to the years spent pitching, and it was severely decreasing my range of motion. He explained that I would only need 6-7 treatments to notice a huge difference. At first, I admittedly doubted him. I didn’t think it was possible that one doctor was planning on seeing me for months to come, while another just wanted to fix me as soon as possible and have me be on my merry way. Sure enough, after 6 treatments, my right arm is no longer in any pain at all. I was sincerely amazed at how quick the ART made my arm feel stronger, lighter, and more flexible. Dr. Donath has cleared me to try pitching again and I am more than excited to do so. Each time, my visit to Joint Effort Chiropractic was both welcoming and enjoyable. The staff is both professional and courteous at all times. Within 2 visits, everyone there knew my name and was eager to ask how I was feeling. I would gladly recommend Dr. Donath to anyone.

Catie E. White Plains, NY

I suffered from migraines all throughout high school, and was able to manage them to some degree with medication taken when I had the headaches. This worked relatively well up until the middle of my first year of college, when I had to go to the emergency room one night because the pain was so bad. Soon after that visit, I saw a neurologist who prescribed me a heavy anti-seizure medication, because there is no medication that is made to target just migraine headaches. I was on this preventative medication for about four months with almost no headaches, and then all of a sudden they returned. My family had been treated by Dr. Donath in the past, with excellent results, and made an appointment for me to see him one day when I couldn’t even go to work because the pain was so bad. After that first treatment, going in with pain, I came out much more relaxed and confident in Dr. Donath’s ability to work with my body to definitely ease, and (I hoped!) eliminate the migraines. A few months later, I have been off of my medication for more than a month, and have been migraine free for the same amount of time! Going from having between three and five migraines a week to none is really amazing. And getting me off of the heavy medication I was taking is great, too! I’m feeling better than I have in a very long time and Dr. Donath helped me get better faster than I ever imagined possible.

Thank you for all your help, Dr. Donath!

Douglas M. Pelham, NY

I have suffered with sciatica for many years, most severely over the last two years. The pain was manageable up until this spring 2011, it continued to increase shooting up and down my left leg extending into my lower back limiting my movement and activity. My doctor suggested anti-inflammatory medication. I wanted relief so I tried some exercises I learned but none of which made me better. After seeking various other options including acupuncture I decided on visiting Dr. Donath. After my consultation visit, he minimized my skepticism. He took the time to go over my medical history, gave me an initial exam, explained my condition and confidently presented me a treatment plan. My treatment consisted of six visits over three weeks and prescribed exercises and stretches. I started feeling improvement after my second visit and by my fourth visit I was feeling like the old me or should I have said the younger me. After finishing my sixth treatment and prescribed daily exercises/stretches I felt rehabilitated and continue to feel even better. Dr. Donath and staff are pleasant and his office environment is comfortable. I want to thank him because I am well again and actively playing tennis, exercising, stretching, swimming and playing a little basketball daily. I am thrilled at 56 years of age to be active and pretty much pain free. I would highly recommend Dr. Donath for treatment of any back related issues.

Kristin J. Rye, NY

Unlike many of Dr. Donath’s patients who come to him after years of chronic back pain, I saw him immediately after injuring my spine – and I am very glad I did! In March 2011, while moving a chair, I felt a sharp pain in my lower back that shot all the way down my right leg. It left me gasping for air and barely able to move. An urgent care doctor referred me to Dr. Donath, who kindly agreed to stay late in the office to see me right away. An MRI confirmed his diagnosis of a severe herniation in my L4/L5 discs – had I gone to an orthopedic doctor, I almost certainly would have had surgery immediately. Dr. Donath recommended Spinal Decompression instead. Amazingly, I started to feel better within days and stopped taking any pain medication after less than two weeks. Those 22 minutes became my daily moment of Zen! Because of the severity of the injury, I continued the treatment for ten weeks. There were some ups and downs during that time, but by the end, I was virtually without pain. Back trouble may be a lifelong issue, but this treatment and the right kind of exercise make it a manageable one.

I truly appreciate Dr. Donath’s honest, thoughtful and thorough approach to treating his patients. Thanks to him and his lovely colleague Dr. Rambarat, I will be going skiing with my family this winter!

Steven E. White Plains, NY

Dear Dr. Donath,
I wanted to let you know how pleased I am that I came to your practice back in November of 2007. As you know, I had been suffering for a number of months from what I thought was a reoccurrence of some nerve pain that was from surgery I had back in 1975. The pain in my legs was waking me up at night, keeping me awake and my legs were very weak to the point that walking was slow and painful.
At the suggestion of my spouse, I came to you to seek out an alternative treatment that might be able to give me relief. After meeting with you and discussing the alternatives, I decided to move forward with the spinal decompression. Because of the pain I was in I put my faith in you that this could make a significant difference in not only how I felt, but with my overall body motion. After I had the MRI, you were able to focus on the source of the pain, which was actually a new ruptured disc…not from my older injury.
Even though it took a bit longer to get to the point that I knew I was getting some relief, I am glad I stuck it out! Today, I am 99% better, with almost all of the pain from my legs gone. I have a much better range of motion, am stronger and resumed skiing and playing golf. I can say that without this treatment I would have not been where I am today. I would certainly recommend this treatment and your services to anyone with similar problems.
Thank you for everything.

Steven E. White Plains, NY

Marco P. Yonkers, NY

Several years ago I experienced severe pain in my legs and lower back. I went to see several physicians as well as a few chiropractors. I went for an MRI and was informed that I had several herniated disks in my lower back I think they were L4 & L5. I had, as a result a severe case of sciatica. I was told that I should get an operation or I might have to live with the pain… some choice. I decided on pain management and after several sessions with steroids I was relatively pain free. Unfortunately this did not last long. I saw an infomercial for something called Back-to-Life and tried it but it did not work, I tried all kinds of treatments: hanging, physical therapy and inversion still no pain relief. I was very concerned because I was recently retired and wanted to play lots of golf. Unfortunately I could not even stand up let alone play golf. With no end in sight I googled the term “spinal decompression” and low and behold I was directed to a site dedicated to working with patients who had problems associated with herniated disks. The site was that of Dr. Jonathan Donath. I made an appointment in January of 2010 and he assured me that I would be back on the golf course by May. Today is May 19, 2010 and I played golf this past weekend. Not only was I pain free but I was able to make a bigger shoulder turn which resulted in my shots going a few yards farther, especially my driver. Thank you Dr. Donath.

Alan W. Larchmont, NY

I am a 50 year old business owner living in Westchester. I had been living a very active lifestyle for many years which included personal-training, Pilates and Tango dancing. I sustained an injury, which an MRI revealed consisted of three herniated discs. I was in severe lower back pain which made dressing myself an ordeal each morning. A friend referred me to Dr. Jonathan Donath, who saw me immediately on the day I called. After explaining my injury to me as well as the treatment options; I opted for the spinal decompression course in order to regain my active lifestyle. Within two (2) months time, I am now pain-free and slowly returning to all of my prior activities. Dr. Donath and his excellent team were professional, courteous and supportive throughout my treatments. Each step was explained to me in detail, including the daily exercises I needed to commence to strengthen and stretch my back. Further, Dr. Donath encouraged my exploring non-impact exercises I could do during my treatments. I started swimming twice a week during my treatment period and will continue to do so. I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Donath and his capable staff. He has given me back my lifestyle and has taught me how to protect my back as well. Thank you,

Carol G. Hartsdale, NY

I first began to see Dr. Donath concerning unbearable pains which resulted from multiple fractures sustained approximately 36 years before. It was indisputable that many of the structural defects sustained in feet, legs and hips could not actually be reversed orthopedically. However, since orthopedic surgical adjustments had indeed helped my mobility, I hoped perhaps to be assisted through chiropractic with the incapacitation caused by multiple continual pains. I had experienced little success with chiropractic adjustments performed by other professionals. However, in searching the Internet, I returned repeatedly to the site of Joint Effort Chiropractic. Dr. Donath’s approach seemed far more knowledgeable and intelligent than those of chiropractors I had encountered; so I felt it was worthwhile to “give it a shot”. In fact, Dr. Donath miraculously made unbearable pains transform into manageable discomforts. He actually diagnosed, in neurological and lay terms, the causes of major physical stressors; treated them with manual and mechanical procedures; and all along clarified to me what was being done. Amazed, I found myself functional and agony-free beyond my dreams! In short, there is no “defining” Dr. Donath as “a chiropractor”: He is a doctor on the highest order. This professional deserves the highest accolades, not only for successfully combating pain and enabling function, but also for elucidating the patient’s problems and their resolutions so as to be understandable to the patient him/herself. Dr. Donath’s brilliance results in effective and transformational outcomes because he possesses, as well, the exceedingly rare quality of empathy. I am thankful beyond description for the good fortune of finding this true paragon of medical professionalism!

Ed P. Mt. Vernon, NY

For about 5 years, I had been suffering gradually increasing pain in my lower back. This condition has caused enough discomfort to restrict many physical activities such as high school sports officiating, hiking & skiing. I had tried physical therapy, but found only minimal relief. When I met with Dr. Donath, frankly I was a little skeptical of what spinal decompression could actually accomplish for me. After a consultation with an explanation of the process, I decided to give it a try, since nothing else had been effective. The process itself is very comfortable & relaxing & lasts just short of 30 minutes. After about 3 weeks of treatment, I noticed that I had less back discomfort than before & in the ensuing weeks I was able to start to increase my physical activities without serious discomfort. At this time I have almost no back discomfort at all and icing easily relieves it.For me, the logic of the explanation of the treatment proved true & I am very thankful. I haven’t felt this comfortable in at least 5 years. Dr. Donath & his staff are all very attentive to their patients & I am grateful for the treatment given. Decompression worked for me!

kevin tooheyf
kevin tooheyf
Both dr tran and dr donneth are awesome !! I went there , after being told by an orthopedic specialist, that surgery was the final option, boy was he wrong! Spinal decompression works ! Period! Dr donneths recommended course of action has gotten me out of pain, drug free and getting stronger by the day! I am forever grateful to them both and i highly recommend to all!!
sandy cantor
sandy cantor
Dr. Donath is the consumate professional. He listens to the patient and addresses the problem pain areas both with A.R.T. manipulation and various machines like spinal decompression which relieves pain at the core of the problem.
Paul Disilvio
Paul Disilvio
Great experience
Michele Perl
Michele Perl
I appreciate the tremendous detail to assuring my comfort while being treated.
Jerry Schumm
Jerry Schumm
Always a great experience. Appts always on time.
Brenda Mcnair
Brenda Mcnair
Very informative explained everything so I could understand
Keila Alicea
Keila Alicea
Both doctors are amazing. I feel great the next day everytime I go..I have been in treatments for many years with lower back pain, this place is amazing...
Robert Ebert
Robert Ebert
I love going to see Dr. Donath and his staff! They always help my condition and very pleasant throughout my visit. Keep it up Dr. D!
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